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Friday, August 5, 2011

A Friday Full Of House Envy

Velvet, tie-dye curtains and beautiful blue pattern galore! I seriously almost fell out of my chair when I found this absolutely stunning and simply chic living room and home from here and here. How gorgeous are those velvet chevron print chairs??

I also love how the kitchen above still seamlessly flows from the rest of the house, with it's dark gray wallpaper and violet chairs. 
And now the dining room. This has to be one of the most fabulous dining areas that I have seen. I love how the Moroccan inspired chairs pop in the room, perfectly contrasting the navy walls and mahogany modern dining table. Not to mention--that chandelier!! I have died and gone to dining room heaven!
And after a night of fine dining and entertaining, what better place to curl up than this extremely soothing monochromatic taupe bedroom full of texture and drama! 

photos via here and here

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  1. That is quite a home. WOW. So happy to have you back in the blog world after a long week away! <3