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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Traditional Glamour

Swooning over this traditional and exquisite abode that I uncovered while browsing Bear Hill Interiors. I wish that I could give more information about the house, but there were just these stunning images that I couldn't help but share!

Images via Bear Hill Interiors

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pretty in Purple

I have to be honest. I have never been a big fan of purple in my home until about a year ago. I think is stunning, the epitome of chic and cheerful in other people's homes and apartments. I do tend to grow rather sick of it when it is in my own home for a long period of me. However, when my good friend over at The Margaret Files helped me pick out pillows for my brown couch about a year ago, I had an instant change of heart. We found these fabulous geometric purple, black and white pillows, along with an ombre purple pillow and a fabulous (Missoni inspired) purple and khaki throw, which perched on my couch for over and year. For me, a year of not changing the look in a room is huge. I actually might bring back the purple vibe this summer, thanks to the images of inspiration above. There is something so fresh and modern about the color. The lilacs and grey-purple tones are perfect for the bedroom because of their tranquility, while bold or darker purples look great in living rooms, dining rooms or even in a kitchen like in the picture shown above. I also love the combination of  all of the different purple hues paired together, adding richness and a dynamic interest to a room. Also, how fabulous is the first picture's carpet? I am also adoring the purple zebra print table clothe in the third to last picture. So playful, trendy and fun while still having an important layer of sophistication. How do you feel about purple in your home? Thoughts, concerns, tips? Have a wonderful start to your week! xo

images 1-6 via decorpad. Image 7 from house beautiful Image 8 via

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dreamy Spring Whites

Dreamy, ethereal, and utterly romantic. Photographer Camilla Akrans captures how truly brilliant an all-white ensemble can look in this April 2011 edition of Harper's Bazaar US. I am in awe of how Camilla can ingeniously take a simple concept and turn it into something that is magical and purely dazzling. I might have to add a couple more white staples to my Spring and Summer wardrobe, thanks to this burst of inspiration. It is truly a look that is not only timeless, but as Camilla has proved, does not have to be dull or ordinary. All white can be truly ravishing and memorable. Stunning.

Images: Camilla Akrans for Harper's Bazaar US via fashion gone rogue

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Have a fabulous weekend

Have a fabulous and relaxing weekend friends! Hopefully the sun will come out for all of us! xo

images via marie claire italia in fashion gone rogue

First Impressions

We've heard it again and again: it's all about the first impression. I have to agree with this, especially when it comes to one's home. Whether it be a studio or a five story mansion, the first step into one's entryway is an introduction into the energy of your home. Are you laid-back, chic, eclectic, modern, traditional or contemporary?

Personally, I live in a lovely (but rather small) one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend, which doesn't include a glamorous foyer. In fact, right when you walk in, there is the kitchen to the left, the dining area to the right and the living room in front. It is basically one big "great" room which doesn't have an entry way at all. Because the living room is the focal point of my apartment, I have made sure to make it a memorable first impression with an eclectic mix of zebra prints, neutrals and pops of blue and gold.

I cannot wait to take pictures of my new decor mix (for the month) and get your opinion! What are your tips to a fabulous entry-way or a memorable first impression into your home?

1,8) Jonathan Adler, 2,4,10,11,12) house beautiful 3,5,6,7, 9,10) decorpad

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The art of mixing art

I adore mixing and matching art. It instantly makes a space that was once dull and mediocre come alive. One thing that I have always struggled with, however, is how to mix art so it still looks cohesive. Personally, I always stick to two frame colors, like black and white, so it pulls all of the art together as one. However, like in the last picture, that doesn't always have to be the case. Do you have any rules of thumb when hanging art?

1,3,4,5) via lonny mag 2) via plush palette 6) elle decor
7) decorpad

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring sensations

So, I know this is a couple days belated, but happy Spring everyone! Spring symbolizes growth, rebirth and the purest beauty imaginable. For me, there is nothing more perfect then this season: blooming flowers, budding trees, perfectly bright fabrics, gauzy dresses, outside dinners with girlfriends and glistening greenery. I hope all of those things and more come to you this season! Cheers to Spring!

Images via: 1)geronimo 2) you are my fave 3-4) martha stewart wedding 5)Stanislassia Klein on Haute Design 6) Karlie Kloss by Walter Pfeiffer for AnOther S/S 2011