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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Never-gets-old Animal

I have been feeling rather desolate of bold and fabulous inspiration this week--it could be because I have been getting over a rather nasty flu, but regardless, I have been searching for something that made my eyes pop. Then I came across these electrifying and dynamic displays of animal prints displayed on The Coveteur. So fabulous. This is just what I needed to get energized for the weekend. Enjoy! xo

images: 1) Dress- Balenciaga, Shoes- Mui Mui, via Leandra Medine in The Coveteur, 2) Bag- Lanvin via Luisana Mendoza 3, 4) pants- suno, shoes and bag- jimmy choo, dress- dolce & gabanna, shoes- jimmy choo via sara riff

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