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Monday, May 23, 2011

A Mayan Riviera Vacay

Tickets booked! I am officially getting ready for a Mayan Riviera vacay in less than a month. I could not be more excited. My boyfriend and I are flying into Cancun and immediately taking a taxi to Playa del Carmen, an hour south. There we will be staying at the beautiful Le Reve hotel for a week where we will relax beach-side, snorkel, explore the famous lagoons, and even go cave exploring. We will also venture an hour south to visit the ancient Mayan ruins in on the coastal town of Tulum. The ruins overlook the Caribbean Sea--I cannot wait to explore...
We are extremely eager to bury our feet in the sand, sip on margaritas and watch the sun set over the Mayan Riviera...
July truly cannot come soon enough! Until then, I am dreaming of sun soaked beaches and palm trees dancing in the ocean breeze...

images:fashion gone rogue & la reve hotel via jetsetter


  1. I can't wait for you to take this trip, you will absolutely love everything about it there! Make sure to take a boat ride to Isla Mujere, climb to the top of the biggest temple at Chichen Itza and swim in one of the hidden natural caves where they used to sacrifice virgins!


  2. Thanks! We are so excited as well. We will definitely make sure to visit all of the above...thanks for the advice! xo

  3. This sounds heavenly! My husband & I took our very first trip together to Riviera Maya, and it's one of my fave spots on the planet. Can't wait to hear your trip highlights...and btw, thx for stopping by CamilleStyles.com today! xoxo

  4. Fantastic, you'll have a great time! Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen...

  5. My husband and I got engaged there and honeymooned there. It's a great spot and the town is lovely too. We also enjoyed taking a boat over to see Cozumel where we did some great snorkeling.

    Enjoy the perfect beaches and hope you share some photos!