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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Burning Red Hot

Although there is nothing new about this fiery color, it has repeatedly captured my attention as a must-have for my summer wardrobe. Whether it be a fabulous red pair of pants (which is on my shopping list), a pop of vibrant red color for the lips, a red Zara inspired skirt or a red hot clutch, the color simply adds the perfect pop for any Summer wardrobe.

The color has an especially fresh take when paired with natural palettes, although on the Spring and Summer runways, the color has been paired with other brights as well, which definitely add a fun & daring punch. However, my current obsession has to be this simply chic and classic combo: camel, black and red. I simply cannot get enough!

It's official--red is the new black. It can be paired with essentially any color and is the perfect accompaniment to these hot summer months.

1) zara summer 2011  2) jak & jil 3) Balenciaga Fall 2011 4) Proenza Shouler Fall 2011 5) emily from cupcakes and cashmere 6) gucci runway backstage via allure mag 7) zara summer 2011 
8) taylor from sterling style

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  1. Go Red! Model #1 looks so much like Julia Roberts with blond hair!! Hope you are well Alison!