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Friday, April 15, 2011

Mango Spring 2011 Collection

With gorgeous pleats, subtle nudes, and relaxed sophistication, Mango's Spring 2011 collection is perfectly stunning and memorable. The collection has the rare combination of boho ease mixed with soft femininity. This truly must be one of my favorite collections for Spring.

images via fgr


  1. Alison - We must be drinking the same kool-aid. I was actually in the Mango store today, and picked up quite a few things in their new lovely neutral palette - something about it was really fresh with all the gorgeous make up inspired "dirty neutrals" - I did a post on this particular palette that is so reminiscent of all these lovely images. I'm a new follower and am enjoying your blog x

  2. I love how we are on the same page! Their nude pieces are my definite favorite as well. I saw your post on this palette too and was swooning over some of those pieces. Thanks for your kind words about my blog--so happy you are enjoying it. I am following yours as well! xo

  3. Well then, we have a mutual admiration society :) Keep up the lovely posts ;)