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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The quest for the perfect bedroom

I'll be perfectly blunt. My bedroom is boring me. I am desperately yearning for a romantic and glam bedroom that still is soothing and relaxing. I have literally had the same color palette (not to mention almost the same furniture) my entire life: gold and white. Simple, classic, pretty, but boring. At least I am totally bored of it. So, I have been doing some research to see what I can do to jazz it up (while staying in my just out of college budget). I am in dire need of a headboard and I found a fabulous, tufted and very cheap headboard from Target here. Oh, and I am also dying for a chandelier (as you can tell from the pictures!), but until I stop renting, I doubt that will happen anytime soon. So, to jazz up my gold and white theme, I was thinking about painting my room a grey-blue, like the first picture. What do you think? I also thought a kelly green throw paired with the gold, white and gray would help to liven the room up a little. However, there are so many possibilities! Gold and white really look fabulous with any color, but I am yearning for something that pops but still has sophistication. Other possibilities include adding hints of fuchsia, sky blue or even a dark charcoal gray. For now, I will keep dreaming away...

images 1,2,4 via house beautiful,  3,5-9 via decor pad, 10 via veranda


  1. Is painting your furniture out of the question? I slapped a coat of black satin onto my bed and night stands and it instantly made my room feel more like a room. Also, the last picture in your last post is beautiful, could you do something like that? I think shades of pink and red and golds would be lovely.

  2. Becca, we are totally on the same page! I was leaning towards doing shades of pink/coral in my bedroom paired with the gold. Painting my furniture is actually a really good idea, and it didn't occur to me to look into a black satin--I think that would really help to anchor the room. Thanks!!

  3. In case you needed some ideas...