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Saturday, March 26, 2011

First Impressions

We've heard it again and again: it's all about the first impression. I have to agree with this, especially when it comes to one's home. Whether it be a studio or a five story mansion, the first step into one's entryway is an introduction into the energy of your home. Are you laid-back, chic, eclectic, modern, traditional or contemporary?

Personally, I live in a lovely (but rather small) one bedroom apartment with my boyfriend, which doesn't include a glamorous foyer. In fact, right when you walk in, there is the kitchen to the left, the dining area to the right and the living room in front. It is basically one big "great" room which doesn't have an entry way at all. Because the living room is the focal point of my apartment, I have made sure to make it a memorable first impression with an eclectic mix of zebra prints, neutrals and pops of blue and gold.

I cannot wait to take pictures of my new decor mix (for the month) and get your opinion! What are your tips to a fabulous entry-way or a memorable first impression into your home?

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