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Friday, March 4, 2011

Dreaming of far away places...

Dreaming of cobblestone roads and far away castles, beautiful boat-rides and Parisian cafes. With the weekend approaching, I would give anything to pack my bags and jet off to a far away place, preferably Europe again...I am dying to go back. I seriously cannot WAIT to get this rather persistent travel urge out of my system, but I suppose recently graduating college means that I need patience...which is NOT my strong suit. Well, until then I will have to settle on these enticing pictures of magic, wonder, and aesthetic lust!

Images: 1)Neuschwanstein castle in Germany (photographer unknown) 2)English cobblestone roads 3) this is glamorous 4 photo taken by natasha of Paris 5) Lake Como, Italy 6) Santorini, Greece 7 &8) photos taken by Natasha of  Orvieto & France

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