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Monday, March 21, 2011

So, I have this brown sofa...

I have this fabulous sofa that my dear friend over at The.Margaret.Files gave to me about a year ago. It's a chocolate brown modern sectional that has literally seen every colored throw pillow known in the rainbow. I simply cannot make up my mind. Looking back on my pictures that I posted, however, I must say that there are quite a few postings of pinks and browns. Maybe I answered my own question as to what I should stick with. Then again, changing my color palettes every few months (or weeks) isn't so bad, is it? My wallet probably thinks so, but it's just so much fun and fabulous always changing things around! What is your favorite color combo with a brown couch?

images: 4 via parabot furniture
1,2 4,7,8,9 from decorpad 6) home design fans
10, 11,12,13) lonny mag


  1. We're so similar! If it were an all ladies place, I'd go with pink or coral (love the Lonny apartment you posted in the last photo). But if I were to please the opposite sex, I might choose a teal or yellow. All are fabulous, looking forward to seeing your progress. xo

  2. Molly, we are completely on the same page! I just bought yellow/gold pillows tonight with a light blue throw for a pop of color. I will try to post pics of the new look soon! Thanks for your feedback! xo